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Understanding Timelines in Web Development

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Written by: Liset Alanis

As a graphic and web designer with over 18 years of experience in the industry, staying current with the latest design trends is a passion of mine.

November 5, 2023

    “How long will it take?” – a common question that emerges frequently, particularly in my role as an hourly graphic and web designer where projects are not bound by set project prices. Understanding timelines in web development is crucial. Project duration depends on complexity and resource quantity.


    Defining Resources

    Resources encompass various elements such as images, textual content, forms, and more. The inclusion of these resources directly impacts the workload and time required by a graphic or web designer.


    Development Timeframes

    In a typical scenario, the design of a homepage, involving the creation of the header, content, and footer, may range from 8-10+ hours based on discussions and project requirements. Inner pages, particularly if custom-designed and contingent upon content volume, can take 1-2 hours per page. However, any additional content changes post the initial design phase will invariably add extra time. To expedite the process, having all content ready when initiating the project is highly recommended. Understanding timelines in web development is crucial for managing expectations and ensuring timely delivery.

    Please note that the time frames provided are approximations and may vary for each unique project. Individual project complexities, specifications, and the designer’s existing commitments can influence the timeline. It’s crucial to consider the designer’s workload and project commitments, which may impact the immediate initiation of your project.


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