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Liset Alanis Designs, your go-to web designer in Bakersfield, CA, serves clients nationwide. Contact me for expert services or to connect with a web designer in Bakersfield!


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Liset Alanis Designs LLC
3501 Mall View Rd Ste 115 #148
Bakersfield, CA 93306

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s Clear Things Up!

How much do you charge?

All projects are billed at an hourly rate of $90, as opposed to a fixed price per project. This allows you to only pay for the hours worked and provides you with more flexibility to request as many modifications or revisions as you desire.

How much does a website cost?

Custom website development typically starts at a minimum cost of $2,100+. It includes 8 hours for a custom mock-up design, revisions, 8 hours for custom coding, and 8 hours for 5 inner pages. However, the final cost may vary depending on the complexity of the project and the quantity of content the website requires.

Do you provide hosting services?

Unfortunately, Liset Alanis Designs does not provide hosting services. However, I can recommend a few reputable hosting providers with high uptime. On average, hosting services cost around $125 per year.

Do you write content?

Liset Alanis Designs specializes in design and coding. All content must be provided by the client. Should you require assistance with content creation, I can refer you to a professional content writer.

How soon can a project be completed?

Graphic design projects usually take 1-2 days to complete, depending on the complexity of the project. Web design projects are typically finished between 2-5 days, subject to the availability of the content for all pages.

Do you work weekends?

Business hours are from Monday to Friday. If you require urgent or weekend work, the new rate is $100 per hour. Depending on Liset Alanis’ availability.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, the contract outlines the expectations of both parties. It does not obligate you to continue using my services and you can terminate it at any time.

How do I start?

The process is straightforward! Reach out to me via email at or by using the contact form provided above to contact a web designer in Bakersfield. I will review your inquiry and schedule a call to discuss your needs. We will go over the expectations of both parties. After that, I will send you a contract to sign, and we can begin working on your project.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

Liset has done incredible work for our nonprofit! When she started, our website was broken, non-functioning, and a total mess. She created something beautiful out of it and so fast. She continues to help and make updates within days of a request. Liset Designs is great to work with and understands the vision and our of their clients. Great money spent!
Tamara Gutel
Tamara Gutel
November 12, 2023
Our non-profit needed a a fresh start with a new look and accessibility. LA Designs came highly recommended to us by another organization who had a great experience and results working with Liset, the business owner. Liset was easy to communicate with and took our cues and ideas for the site and exceeded our expectations with the design and user friendly qualities for our audience. She was professional and provided a high quality of work for our needs in a sufficient timeframe. I am not familiar with the legal aspect of web design, but thankful that Liset was up-to-date and complaint with all relevant web laws such as accessibility, date privacy etc... as she walked me through some of that process during the design. She not only produced a great site, ensured us that is was being made with the highest standards which made me feel even more confident in her abilities. I'd definitely recommend LA Designs for anyone looking to build a brand new site or in need of redesigning or revamping an existing one. Liset offers competitive rates over more commercial web designers/business, without losing quality or expertise with a great product outcome!
Jasmine Rock
Jasmine Rock
October 22, 2023
Working with Liset has been a wonderful experience! As the Communications Director for an international animal welfare nonprofit, I work frequently with Liset for all our website needs. From large revamp projects to regular maintenance, Liset handles everything for our website. Her expertise also extends to graphic design and meeting our unique brand needs. She is reliable, ALWAYS extremely prompt with her turnaround on projects, communicative, and is the utmost professional. It's a pleasure to be her client and I highly recommend Liset for all your website & graphic design needs.
Tariana Nguyen
Tariana Nguyen
October 11, 2023
I'll begin by saying that Liset is wonderful! Now I will explain. Several years ago, our son created a group of characters based a little on an anime style (his version). He loves these characters and wanted to show them to the world. I decided to make a website for this. It was terrible. I tried all of the "user friendly", "anyone can build it" website building tools. It just was not attractive and it also didn't function well. Over the time since then, he has asked for the website to be fixed. We searched around and found a number of online "website builders" who all offered either an exorbitant amount or an extremely cheap service. Doing some investigating, most of them were clearly frauds. After searching and finding Liset Alanis Designs, we arranged a call. She made us feel very comfortable that she could help, and so we began. She took my terrible website, fixed everything that I had broken and made it work. She included a new logo design and branding scheme for the website. Liset was super responsive, often emailing new ideas and work at early hours of the morning! Every interaction, from start to finish, was beyond our expectations. I strongly recommend Liset Alanis Designs for any graphic design need and website development.
John Cohrs
John Cohrs
October 10, 2023

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